Jellies & Gummies

FLEXIGUM SGB150 / 300 / 450 / 600

Soft Gummy Production Line

Production capacity: 150-600kg/h
Weight of candy: 3.5-15g

AVE Technologies No-starch system for soft gummies deposit high-solids syrup into silicone rubber, plastic, or aluminium moulds rather than starch. There is no requirement for starch anywhere on the line reducing the drying time to minimum. The FlexiGum Series SGB150/300/450/600 soft gummy production line is an ideal option for producing gummies from Carrageenan, Gelatin or Pectin.


The machine is fully driven by servo motors, controlled by a 5 Axis motion controller. Soft gummy bear depositing machines feature one, two, three and four rows of moulds.