Powder Handling Systems


Blending System
Max IBC Capacity: 800L – 1600L

The AVE PHARMABLEND Blending Systems are designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The blenders consist of the main support frame, IBC cage, drive with brake, bin lift system and PLC control.

The material within the IBC is tumbled on an eccentric axis. This method requires no ‘clean down’ between batches and ensures complete batch integrity.

The IBC blender is loaded into the blending cage where it is clamped into position using a lead screw mechanism with pressure sensor to ensure the IBC is in the locked position prior to the blending cycle starting. The PLC control system includes a safety relay with optional light curtain guard, depending upon the installation required.

The blending cycle controls the rotation speed and blending time, at the end of the cycle the IBC automatically stops in the upright position and is lowered ready for removal.

  • Blending cage in SS304 stainless steel, clean welded construction
  • Designed to suit Gallay type IBCs up to 2,000 litre capacity
  • Lead screw clamping system with pressure sensors and safety interlocks
  • Siemens S7 PLC & MHI
  • Programmable blending cycle
  • CE marked

Mulino 600H & Mulino 1200H

Powder Milling Systems
Throughput: 50-600kg/h 50-1200kg/h

The Mulino® series of Pharma Hammer Mills are designed to automatically reduce the average particle size in a Pharmaceutical, Food & Chemical powder. AVE TechnolgiesGroup prides itself on being a leader in powder size reduction technologies.

The Mulino® series of Automatic Hammer Mills represents the pinnacle of modularity, simplicity and costs savings.

Fully cGMP and CE compliant.

  • Wider active sieve surface guarantees higher throughput & minimum temperature rise.
  • Easy assembly and dismantling of the milling chamber Easy to clean with minimum maintenance
  • User-friendly HMI touch screen
  • Modular compact design
  • Milling head can resist steam sterilization under pressure 2.2 bar
  • Tri-clamp feeder assembly
  • AT rotating cylinder
  • Adjustable rotor speed
  • No mechanical contact between rotor and sieve
  • High active opening sieve
  • Easy to dismantle Milling Head
  • Easy screen changeover
  • Mobile support stand with adjustable height
  • Supports WIP and CIP system